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Character Selection

The Character Select Screen.

Characters listed here are already available. They start at level 1 and can level up to 20. Each character is "voiced" by a different instrument and speaks differently when examining items and objects. In addition, each character has at least a few unique perks, abilities or magic.

Portrait Barbarian Portrait Druid Portrait Paladin
The Barbarian The Druid The Paladin
Forever hungry. Can eat raw meat. Deals more damage when low on health.Uses Rage. Chops 50% faster. Loves nature. She enjoys eating vegetables. Can summon Primitive Beast. Uses nature's powers. Blessed by the gods. He fears no evil. He always has his Holy Sword. Destroys the undead. Can use Shields.
Portrait Shadow Knight Portrait Cleric Portrait Wizard
The Shadow Knight The Cleric The Wizard
His heart is Evil. Growing horns proves it. Uses dark powers. He always has his Shadow Sword. Can use Shields. Dislikes darkness.Turn Undead into their graves. Using

dark things gets double penalty. Destroyer of the undead. Emits light. Can use Shields.

Too old to wear armor and fight with weapons.Knows all magic schools.

Reads Unknow Scroll's to learn new spell.

Portrait Monk
The Monk
The monk is calm and peacefull. He often meditates on the purpose of life, but always likes a good meal afterwards. He masters martial arts and is able to do a flying kick!



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